Concept lauded

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The National,Friday July 13th, 2012

THE introduction of the Healthy Island Concept in the Albiges-Mamblep and Bubitu-Muhian local level governments in Maprik, East Sepik province, has greatly improved the standard of living and reduced the risk of villagers contracting preventable diseases.More than 20,000 people now have good, clean homes decorated with flowers, decent pit latrines, water supply and neat lawns.Two-term member of parliament and People’s National Congress candidate Gabriel Kapris, who has been supporting the programme, said the effort exerted and results achieved by the concept had prompted him to buy corrugated roofing iron to replace the thatched-roof houses.A mother, Florence Piaun, of Albinama 2 village, commended Kapris for taking away the burden of carrying water up the mountains from mothers and children by partnering with the European Union to bring water to the village.The village water supply was built by the villagers who provided free labour while Kapris provided the money required by the EU for the project.