Concern raised over police brutality


YESTERDAY morning between 7.30am and 8am.
As usual people, who work in Town prefer Freeway bus rather than Koki and Badili way. We get on the Freeway bus and are coming down towards Burns Peak heading towards Konedobu.
A police Land Cruiser with three officers on board – driver, gunman and unarmed – pulls up beside us and tells the driver to pull over.
The driver stops at the nearest bus-stop at Konedobu opposite Yacht Club.
He comes out and the unarmed officer walks over and assaults him.
We understood that the driver is not following his route, however, he does not deserve to be assaulted as such.
A lady in the bus starts taking a video, since the harassment is out of context.
The officers, seeing the threat, confront the lady and confiscate her phone. Being a strong woman, she stands her ground and keeps her phone.
The video is deleted eventually because they persist on checking the phone.
Police then allow driver to drop us in town.Instead of going straight to Town Police Station, the bus is diverted elsewhere.
Police would probably stop somewhere and extort money from the driver and crew before letting them go.
We, the Town workers, prefer the Freeway because it is safer.
Koki and Badili are not safe.
I for one was almost stabbed at Koki.
There are many others who have been held up and had their bags snatched or even stabbed.
Police, as law enforcer, should be keeping the community safe.
They should ensure that pick pockets, rascals and the criminals are minimised.
They should not be picking on innocent PMV drivers and their crews who give service to us.

Worker in Town