Condemned school receives timely funding

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THE Kerema Coronation High School, which was condemned as a hazard to students by health officials, received a timely K300,000 funding last week for renovations.
Although the school received K350,000 from the Gulf provincial government last year, the funding was not enough for renovations.
School chairman Jack Narrie said: “It was not enough because of expensive logistic costs to ship the building materials to the school.
“This year’s funding from the provincial government is timely as the school was warned of closure if nothing profound was done.
“The school faced closure this year after it was given 30 days to take remedial measures. The school then replied within 21 days with repair work done to vital areas of the school and we have managed to successfully start the 2010 academic year.”
The Health Department’s condemnation was due to accidents and injuries sustained by two of the students.
One fell into a pit latrine when it collapsed and another was electrocuted while trying to switch on the power in the showers.
Mr Narrie said the school facilities had deteriorated to a state where only a total amount of K10 million would be sufficient to get the school up to standard.
He thanked the provincial government and Gulf Governor Havila Kavo for providing the much needed financial assistance.
The school will also be receiving four pre-fabricated classrooms to house the four Grade 9 classes which was part of the Prime Minister’s donation of K100,000.
The school has produced a number of Papua New Guinea’s leaders such as the current Opposition leader Sir Mekere Morauta.