Confusion over Napa Napa leadership

National, Normal


THE Napa Napa Landowner Association’s (NNLA) leadership is in a crisis as questions have arisen over who are its leaders to make vital decisions on the LNG project.
This came about after an advertisement sidelined the chairman and other members on the board.
NNLA chairman Pr Hanua Gadiki was frustrated over the advertisement in the two daily papers last Tuesday, which sidelined him and two other members of the board after an alleged association meeting on Jan 21.
“The people behind this had neither right nor authority to make such decisions in ousting me and the other members and we will sort out the issue soon,” he said.
Pr Gadiki said the titles over the portion of 237- DA5 which was reverted from the State title to NNLA had caused confusion among association leaders, which led them to act in such a manner.
“The advertisement is the work of opportunists and outside influences seeking a way into the current LNG benefits,” he said.
Pr Gadiki also said the current board was intact and that there never was an approval for the meeting and discharge of the members.
 “The advertisement is also a criminal act with the police already carrying out an investigation on the individuals.
“According to the provisions in the Company Registration Act, there are 12 members of the board and five of those dissolved directors acted recklessly in an unworthy manner.
“I will ensure that they are terminated and will never take part in the association’s future dealings.”
The National was unable to reach the party that put up the advertisment as all their contact details had been disabled.