Constructive ignorance


ONE of the major issues affecting Papua New Guineans nowadays is constructive ignorance. Constructive ignorance, simply, is knowing the right thing to do but then doing the wrong thing.
For instance, study is the key to success.
This is not a new concept.
Teachers have been reminding their students over and over again to take their study seriously but students still ignore that advice. That is constructive ignorance.
The same principle applies to the other aspects of our lives.
If Papua New Guineans do away with constructive ignorance, then changes will start to happen.
Many students drink alcohol at school even though it is against the school rule.
Some parents don’t even know that their children are great pretenders. They wear a different mask at home and act as good children when they leave to go to school. Out of sight, they become different people.
In order for our students to be better, parents should make it their business to monitor their children’s actions.
If the right things are continuously being neglected, then Papua New Guinea will continue to suffer.
So let us all stand together and do away with constructive ignorance and make our country a better place.

Glen Burua

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