Convert settlement into morden villages


WE are past half of the election period and all candidates as from my personal perspective are coming so colourful with sweet talks and promises.
Some are backed by their strong parties’ policy platforms and others are independents with their own policies.
From the general look of it, I have seen that most policies are bit alike.
One thing that interests me most is candidates promising land titles to people in settlements.  That is an interesting policy because most of the people reside in the settlements in cities and towns.
Even the process of getting a land title is lengthy and costly.
As thus most are likely to go for candidates promising land titles.
However, to my general understanding, the process of getting a land title is complex
And for a settlement, it will be challenging because people are not orderly settled. In order for us to be given a title each, there will be a total subdivision exercise undertaken to properly roll out the plan of all sections and allotments orderly with supporting services and facilities like water supply, electricity, telephone, access/pathways/easements etc. What we should talk about first thing is to change the setup of a settlement.
We cannot go straight to land titles when we still need to look more carefully into the setup of the settlement itself and address the problems we have at present.
This now brings me to conclude that we should talk about working on converting settlements into modern villages rather than talking about land titles for everyone.

Aaron P. Mawe , Via Email

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