Cop father touched at baptism of his son

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The National, Thursday 6th June 2013


A  FATHER was touched when he saw his son taking part in a baptism ritual with other prisoners at the Bu-Iebi jail in Southern Highlands.

Police Sr Sgt Josiah Penk based in Mt Hagen travelled to Bu-Iebi jail in Mendi to witness son Julius being baptised last Saturday. 

The occasion was organised by the Seventh-Day Adventist church through the prison rehabilitation programme.

Sgt Penk was in tears when he saw an improvement in his son’s life and said once he was released from prison, Josiah would be welcomed back by his family.

Josiah, 18, hails from Tindom Hill in Poroma, Southern Highlands.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Sgt Penk said his son had joined his peer groups who smoked drugs and drank alcohol which led him to trouble.

He said the only place for him to change was in prison.

The father of five said his son was the second born and had dropped out of high school.

He said he would try to get his son back in school once he left prison.

Josiah pledged in front of his father after being baptised that he would change his ways.

“Now that my life is given to God, I will never be associated with peer groups again. I will always dedicate my life to Christ and commit myself to church activities once discharged from the prison,” he said.