Cops promise to get tough

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

POLICE will not hesitate to shoot in self-defence because they are human beings who also have families to look after and a life to live.
Speaking last Thursday following a shoot-out between police and criminals in Madang, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Divisional Commander of Mamose Giossi Labi said police would shoot back.
“Criminals opened fire on a police car in which five people were heavily armed at the Trans-Gogol area. When the police tried to tell them to pull over they shot at the police car, narrowly missing its occupants,”
He said police then returned fire and shot one of the criminals killing him in the process while others sustained injuries.
Labi also said there was a lot of drinking going on in motor dinghies and warned people to take extra precaution.
“Police are unable to monitor the seas and, therefore, there are excessive consumption of alcohol taking place while at sea which is a risk to passengers of vessels,” he said.
He also stressed the need by companies to comply with road safety procedures.
He said huge trucks owned by companies  (named) in Lae were overcrowded with no proper seats for people to sit on.
“Companies should consider safety of the workers because these can cause accidents and  we will not hesitate to fine the companies,” he said.
More than K20,000 in traffic infringements were issued with the figure likely to increase over the New Year period.