Council president raises concerns over leadership issues affecting operations


A counciL president in Northern has claimed that normal administrative operations at the provincial and local level governments in the province have been affected due to leadership issues.
Chester Nauri, president of Kira LLG of Sohe district, told The National that the provincial administrator Sem Vegogo had been absent from office since January.
“It has been a concern to us, the local leaders, that the provincial administrator has not been in his office for the last eight to nine months to respond to our issues concerning the provincial affairs and the day-to-day running of our LLG affairs,” he said. Nauri said they did not know whether he was operating from home or elsewhere as he could not be reached in person or over the phone.
“This has caused unnecessary delays in addressing administrative issues and has affected normal flow of business both at the provincial and LLG levels.” Nauri highlighted that the issues they were facing involved their salaries being delayed, scheduled meetings and programmes being affected, and public servants being left to run loose without proper directives and distribution of tasks from the provincial level down to the districts and LLGs.
“And because our LLGs, not only Kira but all the other nine LLGs, need money to operate and run their administrative affairs,” he said.
“The administrator is the one to sign as the signatory to our LLG accounts which is not happening and that has been the biggest hindrance to delivering of services.”

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