Councillor commends MP

Lae News, Normal


A LOCAL leader in the remote Menyamya district of Morobe province has commended local MP Benjamin Philip for services that have reached the people.
Councillor of Watama Village in the Wapi local level government (LLG) and chairman of the Kukukuku cultural group, Mark Wisimba heaped praises on Mr Benjamin in providing much-needed services for the people.
Cr Wisimba said  the MP had provided funding that  enabled services such as infrastructural development, social services, agriculture and human resource development.
He said for many years the district had been deprived of proper government services which were becoming visible to the people in recent years.
Services such as communication provided by mobile communications company, Digicel has also been brought to the people with the building of towers and an elementary school in the district.
New aid posts have also been built with the core of funding going towards the maintenance of roads and bridges.
Cr Wisimba said this has been the kind of services begged for by the people in Menyamya and it was about time that they benefited from such.
He challenged youths, men and women in the district to take ownership and nurture such services so that it can benefit them for a long time.
Cr Wisimba encouraged the people to continue working hard in animal husbandry and cash crop projects such as cattle farming, piggery, vegetable growing, coffee farms and poultry.
“The idea of waiting for money from our leaders is not right, we should work  to help ourselves and our children,” he said.