Councillor escapes


A PAPUA New Guinean councillor escaped to Indonesia after police attempted to arrest him for allegedly facilitating transnational criminal activities in Western, South Fly, police commander Supt Brian Kombe says.
“The councillor is now hiding in Merauke after he also organised his villagers to confront the police officers to release two Indonesians from police custody at Tureture village on Oct 3,” Kombe said yesterday. The councillor was voted in during August’s local level government council election and he has to cooperate with the police to maintain law and order in the community. He can’t just abandon his people and escape to Indonesia.”
Kombe said they had called on the councillor to surrender those who had confronted five police officers to free the Indonesians.
“The councillor did come to the station two days after the incident and assured us that he would bring those suspects. However, he returned to his village and escaped to Merauke. We will still wait for him to return and we will arrest him.”
Kombe said Tureture villagers led by their councillor attacked five police officers.

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