Councillors warn iIllegal tax collectors in Banz to stop

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The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

BANZ councillors have expressed grave concern after a group of people went around collecting fees illegally from business houses and at the market.
Banz local level government president Dorum Mek said the council had not authorised anyone to collect trading licence fees, land rates and other fees.
Dorum said these people were illegally collecting the fees and if found they would be arrested and charged.
He said only the Banz LLG had the right to collect fees to carry out development in the town.
Dorum said those collecting the fees were not councillors or employees of the council.
He said they were ordinary villagers who had nothing to do at home and were looking for opportunities in town.
 He said the Banz LLG was legitimate and had all the right to collect taxes in the LLG.
Dorum warned the group to stop their illegall actions.
He appealed to business houses not to pay taxes to such people who he said were opportunists and would be arrested if they continued.