Court decisions can be misconceived

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 06th Febuary 2012

THUS far the print media has been inundated with views from the learned and the like on the political impasse between the government and court-restored Somare faction.
The split court decision is central to all the events that have unfolded.
Apart from the NCD governor, it is intriguing that the split ruling has not been put on the spotlight as much as it deserves.
Three from the bench favoured that Somare be restored and two opposed.
Without the dissemination of the transcripts of the court panel decisions, the public is fed opinions from the news commentators and the contributors.
I think the court rulings and their corroborative arguments have not been exposed enough and attracted as much scrutiny that the political climate and constitutional crisis warrants. Pertinent unanswered questions remain: Was any member of the bench biased? Is each members ruling consistent with published legal commentators? Are arguments given in support of the rulings compelling? Should not a member of bench disqualify him or herself during the hearing?

JP Wambia
Via email