Court lifts freeze on K3.4m

National, Normal

LABA Holdings Limited welcomes the National Courts decision to lift an order freezing K3.4 million in landowner funds last year.
Laba Holdings Ltd chairman Raho Kevau said in a statement last Thursday that the decision had put to rest questions on who were the legitimate landowners.
“Laba is the only legitimate umbrella company representing the four impacted LNG plant landowners of Papa, Lealea, Boera and Porebada.
“The decision is long overdue as we knew the outcome will be in our favour but we wanted justice to take its course,” he said.
Mr Kevau said Laba was a signatory to the licence base benefit sharing agreement and was recognised by the Department of Petroleum and Energy and developer Esso Highlands.
He issued the statement after an interim restraining order was lifted by the National Court last Wednesday.
The restraining order was obtained last year by Muri Henao of Boera village, Igo Meauri of Lealea village, Momoru Oda of Porebada village and the Buria Lealea Caution Bay Limited.
The order prevented landowner groups, including Papa Resource Development Ltd, Boera Holdings Ltd, Porebada Lanco and Heni Totona as respondents.