Court: Piso is head bishop

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The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

THE National Court on Monday declared Bishop David Piso as the duly elected head bishop of Gutnius Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea.
The court’s decision in Wabag put to rest the leadership tussle between Piso and other pastors of the church, namely Maniosa Yakasa (first defendant), Ezekiel David Peter (second defendant), John Nathan (third defendant) and Pesato Epe (fourth defendant).
Justice Graham Ellis issued a series of orders including the main one that the purported excommunication of Piso on March 12 at Birip was not valid.
He declared that Nick Aieyene was not the acting head bishop of the church.
Ellis also declared that the synod conducted by other members of the church at Irelya on June 28 to July 2 was not validly convened, thus the resolutions passed there were also not valid.
The court further restrained Yakasa, Peter, Nathan, Epe, Aieyene, Ketae Enomba, Yapata Puia, Seke Nete, Matai Kungu, Philip Paiakae, Elijah Waipu, Rasak Polyo and Timothy Yamo from holding meetings or gatherings which were not authorised by Piso or the church council.
He also restrained them from attending, liaising, communicating or visiting hospitals, health centres, aid posts or schools that were either owned by the church or communicating with Church Medical  Council, PNG Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation or the PNG Mission Society in relation to any matter relating to the church.
The court declared that Piso was still the head bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran church of PNG Inc.
In addition, it granted leave to Piso to sue the persons named for contempt charges if any of the orders were breached.