Covid-19 alarm raised

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David Manning

GOVERNMENT authorities are renewing calls for everyone to get Covid-19 testing as the number of infected people and deaths around the world continue to soar.
National Pandemic Controller David Manning and acting Health secretary Dr Paison Dakulala raised the alarm yesterday as confirmed cases worldwide passed the 13 million mark, with deaths topping 570,000.
Although the country has recorded only 11 confirmed cases so far, Manning said everyone must continue to observe safety measures and heath guidelines.
He said the National Control Centre was pushing for more testing “to get a (true) picture of the Covid-19 status in the country”.
He blamed the reluctance of some people to come forward for testing on “stigmatisation”.
“We just need to educate the people to accept (and understand) that the tests are for their own benefit. It would give them a peace of mind to know whether or not they have or had the Covid-19,” he said.
“We are still pushing for more testing but there’s still more information we need to send to people to alleviate their concerns about testing.”
Manning said the niupla pasin brochures would be distributed soon, containing information on the processes and measures to be observed by individuals, groups, schools and businesses on how to conduct themselves in a Covid-19 environment.
It also provides information on testing to help people.
Dakulala said “a new world record” on the Covid-19 seemed to be set every day.

An aerial view of the Rita Flynn Court Covid-19 response centre showing the three tents (foreground) where checks are conducted and samples taken. – Picture courtesy of Dr Robin Oge

“Australia is reporting a high number of new cases, and is currently the only country that PNG has direct flights to,” he said.
“Indonesia, the country that shares a land border with PNG, reported 1,681 new cases on Monday, bringing its total confirmed cases to 75,699 and a death toll of 3,606. The 71 deaths reported in Indonesia on one single day on Sunday is very high.
“This is a warning to its neighbouring countries to continue to adhere to the health protocols in place.’
The new hours of operations of the Covid-19 National Control Centre Hotline (1800200) for any emergency is between the hours of 6am to 10pm.
Any medical emergency outside of these hours should be referred to the nearest hospital or ambulance services.
Meanwhile Manning said the Rita Flynn Court isolation and testing centre remained operational, contrary to statements made recently that it had been closed.
He said what they did was to “actually push out our testing capabilities to the suburban clinics”.
“So you won’t see the large mass of people going in there (Rita Flynn) to be tested,” he said.
“We are providing that (testing) city wide rather than at Rita Flynn.”


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  • When the rest of the world are still being hit hard, where lies our strength and protection? Whom/What shall we boast about? Social distancing? Our health systems? or should we say it’s our black skin/colour that contains a strong immune system that is protecting us as some are saying????? NO! NO! NO!…NOT ALL!…IT IS THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB, THE GOD OF ISRAEL WHICH IS OUR GOD WHO IS SURELY IN CONTROL AND IS PROTECTING US!!! OH HALLELUYAH!!!…SHOUT HIS NAME ON HIGH FROM THE ROOFTOPS AND MOUNTAINS DOWN TO THE VALLEYS!…WAKE-UP PNG!!!…NOW IS THE TIME! TODAY IS THE DAY!..LET’S TURN TO HIM, SEEK HIS FACE, REPENT FROM OUR CROOKED WAYS, IGNORANCE AND NEGLIGENCE OF HIS TRUTH/GOSPEL/WORD OF GOD..COS IT’S HIGH TIME!!! (ROM 13:11-140…OH GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME ALWAYS, NOW AND FOREVER!!!

  • To hell with Colin 19. Ain’t nothing to show for in PNG since it started. Shut down all them hype and be done with it. I’m sick of reading about it in our papers. Nogat Marn die lo here and were pretending its gone kill us.

  • COVID19 on the front page and what are Ancient Malaria that have been killing our generation for years. Can we look into this sickness as well?

  • God is cleaning up moral decay., sexual immorality, gay lesbian relationships, etc. Do a correlation between countries with high number of COVID 19 infections/ deaths against those countries who have legalized same sex marriages, or support homosexual and lesbian relationships. PNG is not one of them as we value traditional and church values, so we have not been affected much by this pandemic. Why are Churches blind on this issue and not acknowledging that this pandemic is a curse from God….

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