CPL engages taxi firm for transport


CITY Pharmacy Ltd in its efforts to support small-medium enterprises (SMEs) has engaged a taxi service to provide transport for Stop and Shop staff in Port Moresby.
CPL’s chief operating officer Navin Raju announced the partnership with Odesh (On Demand Express Service Hub) Ltd.
He said apart from supporting farmers and other SMEs, the company was engaging the taxi service to transport staff.
It means CPL will pay for the transportation of its staff who work the evening shifts at the nine Stop and Shop outlets in Port Moresby.
“CPL has been very involved in the community to assist SMEs especially farmers and the vegetables they sell,” Raju said.
“We actually started six months ago at one shop, and now we are rolling it out to all our nine supermarkets in Port Moresby.”
Raju said safety was a priority at CPL and getting employees home safely was important.
Odesh chairman Michael Ipa said CPL was their first partner when they began operation last November.
He said Odesh was about affordability by following the standard Independent Consumer and Competition Commission rates, and passenger safety.
They have 150 taxis registered under Odesh.

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  • Very good initiative. A vertical alliance partnership where two different industries complements each other with their resources to create value for its customers and stream in revenue. More of such approaches should be established to support SMEs.

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