Crack down on DVD movies

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Story and picture By BARNEY ORERE PONDROS

THE Censorship office and a police unit confiscated a good number of pirated multiple title DVD movies off street vendors last Friday.
Following the successful operation, deputy chief censor Jim Abani said the raids will continue and vendors caught selling the multiple titles would be dealt with accordingly.
It is understood that the Censorship office is now working with police to find leads to the supplier of the banned items.
The police special services division unit, under the reins of Snr Const Boas Anuk, would continue to conduct separate raids and confiscate the items.
The reason was that the banned DVDs skip the scrutiny of censorship and were sold on the streets illegally.
It also meant that the suppliers were earning huge profits while the State missed out.
The suppliers were also bypassing direct sales and were using street vendors who deal with an agent.
Several street vendors apprehended last Friday, said they were third party to the sale and did not know who the supplier was.
Not to be moved by this, Mr Abani assured that they would continue to investigate until the supplier was identified.
“May this be a warning that when we catch those importing this illegal DVDs they will face the full brunt of the law,” he said.
“The suppliers are operating under the radar and underground, but surely we will find them because they are ignoring State laws,” Mr Abani said.
The police unit could not agree more, saying they would give their undivided attention to stamp out this illegal trade.
The confiscated items will be destroyed on Thursday. 
The multiple titles DVD movies were banned last December but resurfaced recently, and the operation last Friday was done because there was an increase in sales because of the PNG Games and other events that attracted multitudes to the capital city.