Create economic zones in B’ville


AS a young bloke from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, I suggest that President Ishmael Toroama review the current economic and development strategy of Bougainville.
Reassess and see where they have been successful and identify where they have been slow.
Point out impediments and challenges and build from there.
I will extend my activities and resources to priority areas of impact that need immediate interventions.
It would be in the best interest of our people to start up a Bougainville public company that will regulate all government businesses, state-owned enterprises and government joint ventures.
I suggest working with the elites of Bougainville to draw up a special economic zone or the free trade zone act.
Install its board of directors and divide Bougainville into special economic zones and free trade zones.
The free trade zones will be the engine room for Bougainville.
These free trade zones will be headed by their directors, who will be working closely with the local level governments of the free trade zone areas and other stakeholders.
The development package is done according to the special economic zone or free trade zone areas.
This type of pension payment is given to every voting population in the economic zone areas.
An admirable government revenue-earning mechanism will be drawn up, endorsed and implemented in the economic zone areas.
No stand-alone businesses will be operating in the economic zone areas.
All organisations and small to medium enterprises in the economic zone areas will be in a public-private partnership arrangement.

Arob Blood

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