Criminal activities on the rise in Alotau


CRIMINAL activities seems on the rise again in Milne Bay.
By now local authorities and leaders should know sea pirates, robberies and hold-ups are common around Christmas and New Year. They must be vigilant to ensure safety and security of traveling public and business community in the province.
Last week, there was a hold up at Tawali Resort that claimed a life.
Monday’s holdup in the heart of town claimed another two lives.
This clearly indicates total negligence and lack of vigilance by authorities.
The behavior of general today on the eve on the incident by the public is totally primitive and unfriendly for business community.
Why loot the shops?
These activities endanger tourism and investment in the province.
It is time for political leadership to wake up from slumber.
Governor needs to pull his slack pants up and do something before many lives are lost.

Frustrated observer