Croc numbers rise in ENB

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THE crocodile population in East New Britain province has grown to a level that it is now causing  concern among the people.
Apart from livestock, crocodiles have also attacked humans.
In the past eight years, at least 12 people had been taken with most of the victims from the Pomio area.
At Ania River in Melkoi, Bairaman River in West Mamusi, and Lark River in Open Bay, have recorded one death each.
Wildlife officer Luke Waipo said two weeks ago, a man was killed in Lark River near Mungo village.
He said a lake at the base of Mt Vulcan at Karavia village in the Gazelle district now had a big number of crocodiles.
Several people have reported their dogs and pigs were missing.
Two weeks ago a crocodile was found in Malaguna No. 1 near the Coconut Produce Ltd in Rabaul.
Mr Waipo said people in Rabaul, Malaguna, Raluana, especially children, must be careful when swimming in the sea.
“They should also be careful when fishing, or hunting for shells and sago leaves,” he said.
“Like Manus and New Ireland, saltwater crocodiles in East New Britain are aggressive and also more protective of their young.
“There are 22 breeding grounds in the province, spread over Pomio, Sulphur Creek at Matupit, Keravat River and swampy areas around the Doy, Ganai and Warangoi rivers.”