Cup should clear debts before 2015

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 THE format of the Coco Cola Ipatas Cup Southern leg challenge tournament is different from the previous two years. 

How can the team in second place  from  each  of the four pools have the same chance as the teams in first place? 

Paga Panthers made a clean sweep in its pool, winning all three games and yet had only one chance in the finals.

CEO Timothy Lepa promised K1,000 to the team winning all three games in their respective pools but he gave only K500 to the Panthers. 

He said he would give the other half later. 

The CCIC owes the Panthers a lot of money for the 2012 Eastern End challenge in Madang and the playoffs in Wabag.

Our K15,000 prize money in Wabag was spent  on  our return tickets promised to be reimbursed. 

We are still waiting. 

Our accommodation money in Madang, K700 per night for three nights is still pending. 

Where is the gold pass we won at the PRL which includes return airline tickets and accommodation?

We provided our own accommodation and food in Madang and return tickets to Port Moresby from Mt Hagen after the finals in Wabag. 

Lepa should pay up the debts before running the 2015 CCIC  southern leg competition. 


Eric Phillip, Via email