Curfew needs NEC approval, Amet told

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THE Madang provincial government has been advised that provinces do not have the power to impose curfews because it was a National Government responsibility.
Acting Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc said this in a Dec 7 letter to Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet following his request for a curfew.
Mr Zurenuoc said a provincial government did not have the power to impose a curfew, but could only endorse a request under the Curfew Act of 1987 to the minister stating the reasons for the curfew.
He said that under the Curfew Act, the Minister would then prepare a submission to the National Executive Council to deliberate on the request. 
Mr Zurenuoc said should the request be approved, the NEC would advise the Head of State to order a curfew by way of a proclamation under section-3 of the Curfew Act.
He said the request should need to outline the geographical area in which the curfew would apply and the reasons for imposing the curfew.
“You may also need to request additional funding for police to enforce the curfew. A curfew will only be effective if it is properly enforced,” Mr Zurenuoc said.
Provincial administrator Joseph Dorpar said in a circular that the provincial law and order committee had met and recommended several measures in addressing the law and order issue which would be forwarded to the PEC for endorsement and implementation.
Besides a liquor ban, curfew, census exercises for eviction, the PEC has approved that:
* As a matter of principal to request all people to close business and be off the streets between 10pm and 6am;
* Approval be sought to introduce community policing into Madang;
* Assist Madang urban local-level government to set up ward development committee and to encourage a system of neighbourhood watch under this structural arrangement;
* All  employees working in various organisation to wear ID cards while on duty; and
* Employers be requested to arrange or provide accommodation or land to build own houses to ease the problem of settlements.