Curfews to be imposed

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

CURFEWS will be imposed from 7pm to 6am every day at the University of Papua New Guinea and the University of Technology.
Cabinet yesterday approved a recommendation by the National Security Advisory Council to impose the curfew to assist police restore law and order at the campuses.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the curfew, to run for 30 days, would be undertaken internally by university authorities. It will begin following the gazettal of the cabinet decision.
“The curfew on these campuses will help maintain law and order and assist the universities in returning to normalcy,” O’Neill said.
“The safety of students, staff and families is paramount. We are determined to put an end to the destruction of university property.
“The imposition of a curfew will also serve to prevent the movement of outside influences on campus.
“There are people coming into the campuses for the sole reason of stirring trouble and this needs to end.”
O’Neill said the events of the past week, including the killing of a student at Unitech on Saturday night, were driven by criminal opportunists.
“The burning of buildings and vehicles, destruction of property and grievous bodily harm, including one death at Unitech are clearly criminal acts. The criminals behind this violence will be identified and dealt with through the full force of the law.”
He said the focus of the universities and the Government was to enable students to return to classes.
“At present students and staff are being confronted with the fear of violence and retaliation.”
He said soldiers would not be called in to assist police at this stage.