Cutter name 30-man squad for Digicel Cup


Competition rookies Kimbe Cutters have named their final squad for the Digicel Cup season which kicks off in April.
The 30-man squad was approved by the Cutters board, according to a statement.
The players are Jimmy Jason, Oswal Gela, Timothy Pola, Dominic Anis, Anthony Longa, Alwin Tom, Michael Kura, Jack Voku, Nevel Volu, Mark Alunga, Terence Tausulu, Nick Smith, Alex Rova, Francis Nasar, Emmanuel Depit, Tonh Vorot, Martin Xaviour, Damien Paul, Iranius Malani, Steven Bruno, Enoch Basio, Simon Johnson, Fredrick Ramngio, Danny Gorea, Terence Waka, Johnathan Oki, Emmanuel Waine, Sipa Korken, Michael Teke, Emmanuel John.
In the squad, 24 are local players, four from the Digicel Cup and two are junior Kumuls.
The statement said that those in the squad would undergo tests at the Peter Humphreys Rugby League Ground on Saturday.