Daulo pins hopes on Ganarafo

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Daulo for voting for Ron Ganarafo, an honest and credible leader who won with a fair, just and clean campaign.
The people have spoken through the ballot box that they do not want dubious candidates who buy or lure votes and manipulate people with lamb flaps, buai and smoke.
It is indeed a win for the people who can now enjoy vital services such as health and education, im­proved law and order and other socio-economic benefits.
The days of corrupt practices and false claims are over.
Real change is coming with this new member and Daulo people must be ready to embrace these changes.
Now that the mandate has been given to him, it is only fair that he delivers without fear or favour to the people.

Stanley Sirifave