Delta active: Parkop

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THERE is active community transmission of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its Delta variant in Port Moresby so people should be vaccinated, officials says.
National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop said of the city’s more than a million people, the target to be vaccinated was 40 per cent which was around 450,000 and of this 106,000 were above 18 years and could be vaccinated.
“The idea is to reach herd immunity outcome, that is if enough people are vaccinated they can provide protection to each other (and) break the surge,” he said.
“So far around 75,000 people have been vaccinated.
“The response is good and I want to encourage our people to continue to come forward.”
Parkop said there was adequate vaccine to reach that target level by December.
NCD Health Authority chief executive officer Dr Steven Yennie said so far 32,314 people had received the first dose of AstraZeneca and 16,812 the second dose while for 26,056 received Johnson and Johnson, a single-dose regime.
Dr Yennie said the cumulative was about 75,108 but the challenge to roll the vaccine was manpower.
Taking on board medical and nursing students was being considered.
He said more vaccination sites, including partnership with business houses and the corporate sector, would be established.
“For public, it’s important that you weigh the risk among yourselves if you have comorbidities,” he said. “You must get vaccinated.
“We are saying that vaccination is not compulsory but as it is now in the current surge of Delta, the risk for you to die from Covid-19 is substantially high.
“So it’s important that everyone must get vaccinated.”
He said the vaccination was open to anyone, was safe for pregnant women and was free.
He said for AstraZeneca two doses were required, J&J one and it was illegal at the moment to take any other dose.