Dept aware of roads debate, Wereh says

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 THE Works Department is aware of debate on the poor execution of road works by contractors, poor quality control and poor supervision of infrastructure projects, an official said.

Acting Works secretary David Wereh gave as examples of poor road work the Lae roads, sections of the Sir Hubert Murray Highway in Port Moresby and the Highlands Highway.

“Such failures have caused our roads and bridge structures to deteriorate rapidly resulting in a backlog of rehabilitation and maintenance,” he told an engineers’ workshop in Lae.

“I note that it is us engineers, members of this institution, who are responsible for the delivery of infrastructure projects including execution of the works, quality control and supervision. 

“We as engineers and this institution must take responsibility for the maintenance of our professional standards and take appropriate action against those who fail to meet the requirements for their continuing individual registration as an engineer by this institution.

“You will all be aware of a number of discussions surrounding this issue and will note that that it is proposed by the Chief Secretary to Government that the IEPNG undertake an independent audit of the design and costing for the Lae-Nadzab portion of the Highlands Highway. 

“The department very much looks forward to this audit.

“I note and applaud the emphasis placed by the institution and its speakers on the importance of getting the design and costings right – both are critical if an infrastructure project is to be deliver to specification, on time and to the approved price.  

“I am pleased to see emphasis placed on time critical procurement processes.”