Despite outbreak, youths take time out to host gospel concert

Faith, Normal


DESPITE the dysentery and cholera outbreak in the Obura-Wonenara district of Eastern Highlands province, the Obura station came alive last week when youths from the Evangelical Lutheran church in Kainantu hosted a gospel musical concert.
More than 700 youths and Sunday school children from Finitugu, Raipinka, Kainantu town, Onna, Fonampa and Tenta circuits of ELC Kainantu district attended the show.
A 65-year-old retired pioneer Lutheran church evangelist in Obura, Hongenare Ameke encouraged the youths to hold on to their faith.
Mr Ameke urged them to follow the footsteps of early dedicated missionaries to accomplish their Christian beliefs and become committed Christians.
“Go therefore and make disciples of nations and baptise them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit,” he recited the words of Jesus in the Scriptures.
 Mr Ameke said for the love of this great commission, he left his home and family behind at the tender age of 17 to bring the Gospel to the people of Obura in 1961.
“I will be serving in this vineyard that I have been entrusted with until I die,” he said.
A total of 24 groups performed at the music concert,  five were Sunday school groups and other 19 were made up of youth groups.
Apart from the Lutheran youths, there were youths from the Evangelical Brotherhood, Seventh-Day Adventist and Pentecost churches.
The highlight of this music concert was the presentation of the full set of musical instruments worth more than K 9,500.