Destruction is a disgrace


IT is a national disgrace for citizens or candidates’ supporters to go on a rampage destroying essential properties and even risking their lives for the sake of a power-hungry individual.
These properties destroyed are a waste of resources and, therefore, shouldn’t be rebuilt in the areas where these senseless people damaged them.
Also, risking your life, while some have been killed in the fight, is also very senseless and unthinkable.
A life lost can never be regained or replaced by the candidate should he or she win.
These types of behaviours occurring around the country resulting in supporters of rival candidates confronting and slaughtering one and other is really animalistic in nature.
A human in the right frame of mind would not have gone to such an extent.
Our limits as civilised citizens and eligible voters are to exercise our democratic rights to elect a potential leader and that is all.
Obviously, such chaos occurring nationwide is mistakenly rooted to our PNG cultural tribal support system which is totally irrelevant to this Westminster system of governance being adopted from our colonisers and, hence, should be erased from our PNG way of thinking.
So we can be politically competitive internationally.

Daniel Angiwe

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