Develop better mindset: Wingti

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 THE mindset of a person will determine his or her future, Western Highlands Governor Pais Wingti says.

Wingti told a gathering at Avi in Jiwaka last Friday if people had evil on their minds, then their lives would be associated with bad things.

“You will not face good things when your mind is elsewhere. People who succeed always have better plans in life and that is the mind that they train,” he said.

Wingti said if people had bad intentions, they would always be miserable.

“Where does stealing come from? Where does retaliation come from? They all come from evil-minded people,” he said.

Wingti said times were changing and people had to develop their mindsets.

“We must not become lazy or day dream a lot. Nothing will work out well for such people. Things become good for people who plan well.

“We have to keep our mind focused on good things so that can set our future right. I would like to remind you that our mindsets are very much important as it will determine our future.”