Developer pledges to ensure landowners benefit from project


THE developer of the Ramu nickel and cobalt project in Madang, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has promised to ensure benefits derived from the project are delivered to landowners and other stakeholders.
At a recent company event, vice-president Wang Baowen assured impacted landowners and stakeholders that Ramu NiCo was determined to ensure all stakeholders, including landowners were benefiting from the project.
“We have delivered many business contracts to the landowner companies since the project’s inception,” Baowen told the landowner chairmen and their executives and Ramu NiCo staff.
“We have made it our business to pay royalties to stakeholders.
“In the New Year (2020), we have many tasks ahead of us including the project memorandum of agreement (MoA) review.
“The company understands the expectations of the landowners and stakeholders under the MoA.
“No problem.
“We can sit together and discuss.
“The company would like to look after all parties’ expectations and problems.”
Baowen said last year the company faced a lot of challenges.
“I challenge the landowners and the chairmen to support us,” he said.
“This is your project and you are the stakeholders,” he said.
“You cannot challenge the project in court and expect benefits from the project.
“If all landowners and stakeholders can support us then this project will grow strong and deliver the benefits for all of us, despite low nickel and cobalt world prices.”
Baowen also told the landowners that the company’s project expansion plan would not eventuate soon.

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