Digicel: Internet TV a possibility

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The National,Tuesday 24th April 2012

DIGICEL PNG could soon be introducing a first in the country in receiving television through the internet.
This technology is known as internet protocol television (IPTV), a system through which television services are delivered using the internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal and cable television formats.
Digicel PNG last Friday became the first mobile phone company to be issued a certificate of content licence by the National Information and Communication Authority (NICTA).
The company’s ope­rations director Lorna McPherson said it was opening up new opportunities for investment.
“Digicel is currently reviewing IPTV options in PNG and, as a starting point, has applied for a licence from NICTA in order to trial some in-house options,” she said.
“If successful, Digicel will launch a public service.
“As we look forward to celebrating five hugely successful years in PNG, this NICTA announcement represents another significant milestone in the development of PNG’s ICT sector.
“With NICTA’s support, we can now move ahead with our stated ambition of broadening our communications services and giving Papua New Guineans the type of real value, innovation and superior customer service in areas that is transforming PNG’s ICT sector and making it one of the most dynamic in the region.”
Last July, NICTA granted Digicel three new ICT licences – network, international gateway and application licences – under the new National Information and Communications Technology Act, 2009 (National ICT Act).
This has made Digicel the first mobile operator to successfully migrate to the new ICT licensing regime.
In February, Digicel also became the first mobile operator in PNG to successfully migrate its spectrum licences to the National ICT Act by signing a new spectrum usage agreement.


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