Digicel offers cheap handset

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DIGICEL PNG has introduced another model of its Coral cell phone brand into the PNG market.
In a statement, Digicel said the latest Coral 640 , now selling at K49, was a new line of sleek cell phone handsets accessible to all consumers exclusive to Digicel.
Digicel chief executive officer John Mangos said: “Digicel strives to provide innovative and better products and services that encourage affordable and effective communication for all.
“Cheaper phones and call rates now mean that more people will enjoy the true beauty of affordable communications both within the country and overseas.
“With the introduction of the Coral range of handsets, we take communications a stage further, thus making cell phone technology even more accessible to the most ordinary Papua New Guinean back in the village.”
He also said Digicel will continue to bring the best communications in terms of better coverage, new products and services to the most remote parts of PNG”.
Coral 640 is available in a combination of glossy-black and maroon colours.