Digicel on a mission to make PNG greener

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The National – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MORE than 100 Digicel employees and their families staged a clean-up campaign in the Gordon area of Port Moresby on Saturday.
The initiative was led by volunteers from Digicel and is part of the company’s One Earth One Vision campaign, which aims to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour by all employees and to lead by example to help make a better, greener Papua New Guinea.
The volunteers received a positive response from the community around Gordon, with many members of the public joining in and helping to clear rubbish.
The bags were supplied and collected by PNG Gardener.
Digicel’s One Earth One Vision team leader, Yvonne Igo said: “Gordon is the home of Digicel’s headquarters and our idea was that if we all start by cleaning up our home areas, then PNG will be a much tidier and cleaner place.
“We had a great response from our team and from the public and we hope to continue our campaign with other initiatives like this in the coming months.”
Other Digicel ‘One Earth One Vision’ initiatives include the recent puppet show at Vision City with positive environmental messages aimed at young children, the planting of a One Earth One
Vision garden outside Digicel’s head office and the trial of hybrid power solutions for Digicel communications towers using a combination of solar panels, rechargeable batteries and diesel generators.