Digitec offers platform to display new tech in PNG


PORT Moresby Information and communications technology (ICT) company Digitec Ltd has created a platform for major partner companies to promote and showcase their newest and most improved technologies to clients in Port Moresby during a roadshow this week.
Digitec chief executive officer Nirmal Singh said: “Since being awarded the Innovative Company of the Year in 2017 by the PNG Institute of Directors, we have introduce number of cutting edge solutions to enhance the ICT industry.
“With the ever changing ICT sector and introduction of Artificial Intelligence System technologies like freezer, power grid, water system, cars and mobile phones are open to cyberattacks.
“Unless we change the paradigm of our thinking in PNG on how to protect our data and secure the network.”
Highlight of the show was real time data recovery by using cloud solution which is hosted in their Data Center located at Gordon, Port Moresby.
A laptop was destroyed in front of an audience and within minutes, the user could login to a virtual copy of the broken laptop and use the machine with all the data and applications before the laptop was destroyed by one of an audience member.
Other interesting solution which attracted major attention was the cyber security appliance Force-point which is owned by Raytheon based in United States, a company which makes Tomahawk missile.
Singh said: “We are continuing to search for cutting edge technology to enhance the security of our customers’ data which is the most valuable asset of an organisation.
“The technology we are introducing to the market would have stopped the WannaCry Virus and other ransom-ware on its track and if some reason it did affect any system recovery, it will restore within 15 minutes and not days or weeks.”
The 100-plus clients who attended the one-day event were understood to have gained valuable knowledge on Data Protection and Network security from the presentations made.
Singh said Digitec Ltd continued to amaze customers in PNG by introducing Innovative Solutions in technology year after year.