Dion takes provincial admin to task

National, Normal

The National, Friday 11th November 2011

EAST New Britain Governor Leo Dion has called on the provincial administration to immediately institutionalise the performance monitoring system and the link to the provincial database in the 2012 budget.
He said this was critically important in order for the provincial government and leaders to take ownership of the performance of the development plan over the next 10 years.
“We cannot lead if we are not in control,” he said.
Dion said good governance and transparency were the cornerstone for development, growth and prosperity and “must not be comprised by greed, constant abuse of power and self-glorification”.
He said this was a dangerous trait of leadership that bordered on dictatorship and seriously “undermines the laws, systems and processes of government in favour of legitimising institutionalised corruption”.
“The missing K2.9 billion development funding and the K125 million are very explicit examples of these in recent months,” he said.
He said as a direct result, East New Britain not only missed out on opportunities to access such money for development purposes but had its reputation tarnished.
“This is the reason why I have taken a stand to expose this rot,” he said.
 Dion said his office would continue to support the independent investigators to bring those who blatantly abused the mandate given to them by the people to account for their actions.