Disaster officials continue assessment of flood damage

National, Normal

The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011


CENTRAL disaster officials are continuing the assessment into areas affected by the recent flash floods in parts of Central, according to Centrals disaster coordinator Daniel Mona. 

At this point, Mona could not confirm the total number of people affected and the extent of the damage including the total cost involved.  

He said as team leader, areas to be closely assessed included Koiari (Kinakon-Sogeri) and Hiri (Goldie to Laloki) LLGs in Hiri district and Mekeo Kuni and Kairuku LLGs in the Kairuku district. 

“Further assessments will be conducted into Gaire village as well as Abau and Rigo districts.  

“Koiari LLG area has been completed and we will move into the Hiri LLG covering Goldie Barracks and Laloki areas. 

The final reports should be handed to the National Disaster Centre for the dispatch of relief supplies to the worst affected areas by next week. 

“We are working closely with other partner agencies also which are Salvation Army, Caritas and PNG Red Cross,” he said. 

Mona added that families whose homes had been swept way by the floods had sought shelter at the makeshift care centre at the Catholic church grounds at 14-Mile. 

“Twenty-four families are currently living at the Catholic church grounds until their homes are rebuilt. 

“These people have survived countless flooding along the Laloki River and this is nothing new to them.” 

He added that in the past people were able to rebuild their homes and lives on their own. 

Apart from homes being washed away so far other damages are:  

* A major landslide at the upper hinterlands of Sogeri road;

* Destruction of food gardens from Laloki to Nebury quarries; 

* Two staff houses flooded at the Laloki High School; 

* Destruction of Kinakon bridge; and

* Damage to Bore water system supply for Laloki High School. 

Meanwhile, food supplies and canvases will be distributed to families affected by the flash floods today according to Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi.  

Aihi said field officers were still carrying out assessments and a final report would be submitted to him by the end of the week.