Disaster unit pledges to visit stricken villages with supplies

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 The MOROBE disaster response unit has promised to visit stricken communities in the Kome council area in the Menyamya district after receiving a report.

Director Charlie Masangkie confirmed receiving a Menyamya disaster report on Wednesday.

“Kome LLG manager Peto Kaldagaso and president Jeffery Tobias submitted the document that highlights critical issues in health, education, roads, bridges, fresh food and cash crops gardens, livestock farms and water sources,” he said.

“But the disaster response unit cannot do it alone to provide all livelihood essentials as expected. We will provide what we can using what we have in our capacity.

“It requires Menyamya district administration and MP Benjamin Philip to collaborate with us to help with relief assistance,” Masangkie said.

He said a team would be dispatched this weekend into the affected areas with some basic relief supplies.

“We will conduct assessment to verify the reports and advise the provincial government and National Disaster Office accordingly.”

A coffee farmer from Umba, who requested not to be identified, criticised the district administration for slowness.

The administration had a problem n responding swiftly to assist its four local level councils (Kome, Wapi, Nanema-Kareba and Kapao) during such disasters, he said.

“The clear indication was during drought in Lagai and Atingli communities also in Kome LLG in 2011 when all relief supplies provided by Disaster Office never reached the affected people.

“Instead, the supplies were misused by their political cronies and public servants at the district headquarters.

“The district has heavy machinery purchased with DSIP funds but engaged in private hire work.

“Those equipment should be engaged immediately to clear debris and rocks and build by-passes for easy mobility and accessforrelief and medical supplies,” he said.