Disbanded police disciplinary unit reintroduced

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THE policing-the-police unit formed last year but disbanded early this year is back – at the directive of acting comm David Manning.
National Capital District Metro Supt Pero N’dranou said they noticed an increase in police brutality cases over the short period it was disbanded.
He said the unit dealt with indiscipline among police officers, which cut down on misconduct and misbehaviour.
Some were meted disciplinary action by the police internal affairs directorate.
He told officers at the Gordon Police Station yesterday that they must show discipline of the highest standard while performing their duties.
“You are the one that will bring back the (people’s) trust and respect in the police department when attending to public complaints,” he said.
“When you arrest a suspect, you must make sure that you complete the file on the same day.
“(Do not) leave it for days or weeks.
“Do not rush to make arrests.
“Make sure you collect statements of witnesses and confirm that you have enough evidence.
“Then you can arrest the suspect.
“You will be charged if you arrest a person and your court file is not completed on time.”
He said they would be attending to public complaints against police officers in Port Moresby and Central.
They will deal with the criminal part of the case and the directorate will handle the disciplinary process.
N’dranou challenged the police officers to work according to their police code of ethics without fear, favour, malice or ill-will to restore public confidence in the police force.
The unit will be headed by Insp Terry Apolos based at the Gordon Police Station.

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