Disclose information clearly, in detail


THANK you Kundiawa Hospital for treating my mother.
Thank you for being one of the best hospitals in Papua New Guinea.
The hospital has a great reputation, which is going strong.
Last Saturday, I my younger brother called me from the village and told me that our mother collapsed and was rushed to Kundiawa Hospital.
After several tests, we were told that she tested positive for the Covid-19.
My mother was admitted but wasn’t isolated and my brother was still with her.
I thought something was not right.
I called the next morning only to find out that she was discharged from the hospital.
I was confused.
I have a couple of questions for the health authorities in Kundiawa.
Why wasn’t she isolated?
Is spending a night in the hospital and being discharged the next day the right thing to do for a Covid-19 patient?
Can they do contact tracing of my family in the village?
My mother’s result were returned just after two hours, what sort of test was used to test her?
Are you confident about her results?
Who is the appropriate health official to disclose results of the Covid-19?
My mother was treated with some antibiotics and is now doing well at home.
Are you sure that she contracted the Covid-19?
Standard operating procedures for positive patients were not followed and she was discharged the next day. I decided to relocate her because her and my family were facing discrimination in the village.
Information regarding the Covid-19 is very vital and should be disclosed in detail.

Sigiwage Nem,

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