District, LLG officers meet in Rabaul

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The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


DISTRICT administrators and local level government managers will be staging an annual conference in East New Britain.

The conference starts today at the Kulau Lodge in the northcoast area of Rabaul

The conference was inaugurated last year as platform adopted to refocus on districts and LLGs.

It was also adopted as the forefront of service delivery to ensure that performances were managed for effectiveness.

A circular from the provincial administrator’s office stated that district administrators and LLG managers would have the opportunity to share information as part of check and balance on their roles as the main implementers of service delivery.

East New Britain administrator Aquila Tubal called for better understanding to improve on certain areas of service delivery that still needed improvement.

He said the two-day conference would allow for direct dialogue with senior management of the East New Britain administration for better collaboration after its recent administrative restructure.

Tubal added that it would also focus more attention at districts and LLGs as the main points of service delivery.

Tubal also reiterated that there was need for strengthening of team work among districts, LLGs, the provincial headquaters and national line agencies in the province who were sharing similar roles.

He said the conference would also provide the opportunity to share experiences and achievements to use in the way forward in serving the people better.

The theme of the conference is “Strengthening teamwork through partnership for improved service delivery”.