District opens new health post

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 WAKNAM in the Mul-Baiyer district, Western Highlands, has a new Community Health Post.

The health post was opened on Oct 5. 

Three others are being built in Kwinka, Pae and Nengilin the Mul council area.

Former Mul-Baiyer MP Sani Rambi through the District Services Improvement Programme had allocated K500,000 each for the four health posts. 

Medical supplies and equipment worth another K100,000 each for the posts was funded by the Asia Development Bank through the Rural Primary Health Services Support Programme.

The National Health Plan of 2010 and 2020  contains provision for health posts and the provincial health authorities. 

Western Highlands administration has implemented both plans.

The Waknam post will have a nursing officer and two community health workers. 

Services provided include outpatients, supervised deliveries plus health promotion and disease prevention.

Provincial Health Authority chief executive officer Dr James Kintwa thanked Rambi and ADB for allocating funds for the posts and urged the people to look after them.

“There are two beds in the delivery section of this community health post (Waknam) and I don’t want to hear that a mother has delivered in the village. This must stop,” Kintwa said. 

“Fathers have responsibilities to bring wives to the CHP to deliver. I don’t want to hear that a mother has delivered in the village and died of some complications.”