Do not be fooled by free handouts

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 06th Febuary 2012

PAPUA New Guineans do not be fooled.
The introduction of the free education and free medical services by the O’Neill-Namah government are pure election gimmicks simply because it cannot be sustained after 2012.
This is clear vote buying by a questionable government.
I am not a Somare supporter but I believe that the foundations of economic growth laid by the Somare government since 2002 is now beginning to be squandered by a group of leaders who think that they have been God-sent to save PNG.
Only time will tell who they really are and I urge fellow citizens not to be easily carried away by their support buying policies to win popular support from the masses and cling onto power.
Our Constitution has been trampled on, our Supreme Court has been made a joke of, our slightly favourable world economic rating has been downgraded to negative, our disciplined forces have been bought off and God help us, we are heading for the worse.
Leaders in the O’Neill-Namah faction have leaders who have yet to answer to the people for their actions in the past.
Further, Australia’s silence on an illegitimate government trampling all over our Constitution proves that it has always disliked Somare because he was a true patriot and nationalist.
If Australia has imposed tough sanctions on Fiji during the military coup then why not do the same and call for our Constitution and decisions of the courts to be respected and upheld?
Do not be fooled by this government because we are heading for the worse.

Eagle eyes
Port Moresby