Do not expect free handouts: Dawa

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GUMINE MP Lucas Dawa said Simbu is a difficult province to manage because the people are politically and administratively savvy.
Mr Dawa highlighted this at the launch of the 2010 Simbu provincial government budget in Kundiawa last Friday.
“The people are clever; they fully understand what is happening and have high expectations.
“The lack of resources in Simbu adds to the burden of development in the province,” he said.
Mr Dawa urged the people to work together with mandated political leaders and set aside political differences, expectations and high demands.
“People who expect free handouts from MPs are corrupt in their thinking. Change your mindset.
“People who are doing nothing and are calling themselves turangus are liabilities to the State.
“I urged everyone to at least do something for themselves and not sit around and demand free handouts,” Mr Dawa said.
He also urged the educated Simbus like Finance secretary Gabriel Yer and Agriculture secretary Anton Benjamin, who were present, to support their home province.
Mr Dawa’s Gumine district has placed special emphasis on developing transport infrastructures by acquiring K4 million worth of road construction equipment.
He also secured another K5 million under the Rehabilitation Education School Infrastructure (RESI) which was now being used to upgrade schools in the district.
“We want to lure the best teachers in the province to teach in Gumine.
“Therefore, we are building some of the best quarters for teachers in our schools,” he said.
Mr Dawa praised Simbu Governor Fr John Garia for launching the 2010 provincial budget implementation programme which saw equal allocations to fund services in the province’s six districts.
Fr Garia also allocated funds for Gumine district, making special mention of a rice mill for the people of Yowai.
The rice farmers do not need to travel to the mill in Goroka.