Do not misuse money for health: Authority

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

FUNDING should be made available to the Southern Highlands health authority (PHA) by the provincial government,  deputy chairman of the authority Alex Awesa says.
He said money meant for health should not be misused and the provincial government should give priority by supporting the newly established authority.
“Accountability and transparency must prevail as it will lead to prudent management. The late acting chief executive officer Joseph Turian was the best and we must follow his footsteps. If this is not done, I will leave,” Awesa said.
He said under Turian’s leadership, there were many changes made to the health sector before the establishment of authority and now it should continue where he left.
Awesa said Turian was instrumental to the establishment of  the authority and he had visions and plans to improve the health sector but sadly did not live to see his  achievement.
He also said long-serving public servants from coastal areas and working in Southern Highlands should be well respected as they had left their homeland and families.
“They are here to serve the people of the province and we must closely monitor them. If we see they are sick or have problems, we must support them before it is too late,” Awesa said.
Authority chairman Peter Nupiri said everyone should be united to support the authority as it had many challenges.
“We must leave our differences aside, how can we work together when we have negative thoughts? We are representing thousands of poor people living in the rural areas and their health is very important,” he said.