Do not send students home over project fees

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The National, Monday March 10th, 2014


THE Maprik district education advisor, in East Sepik has called on to all schools in and around Maprik not to send students away for non-payment and outstanding of project fees.

Advisor Rex Alimaka made the call after he found out that a couple of schools in the district have been sending students away for non-payment and outstanding of project fees.

Alimaka said the message from the National Department of Education and division of education to all schools was clear, meaning that no students should be sent home.

He said all students were budgeted for under the government student free tuition fee.

“School managements should have a project plan in place before imposing fees on students,” Alimaka said.

He said all project plans must be highlighted to parents during parents and citizen meetings.

Alimaka said the Education Department had made it clear to all school administration to charge only K200 for project fees.

“Forty per cent of the free tuition fee is to spent on for the students learning materials,” Alimaka said.

He said all head teachers and board chairpersons not to send students away from schools as it was not their fault that the project fee was not paid. 

Alimaka said it was their parents’ fault for failing to pay up for the children’s fees and it was the parent’s responsibility to meet the fees for their children.