Don’t drink and study, students told


Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp has urged students at the Divine Word University in Madang to avoid alcohol while studying.
“Please abide by the school’s (DWU) rules and finish your studies,” he said.
Tongamp visited the campus last Wednesday for an event by the Jiwaka Students’ Association following a recent conference for governors in Madang.
Tongamp told the students to study hard as they were future leaders of the province.
“The change starts with you guys, as leaders we can only do a very few things, but you young students, the future of Jiwaka, you guys can do amazing things,” he said.
An agriculturalist from the province, Paul Tumun, highlighted that Jiwaka has fertile land and could supply the world with coffee.
“Jiwaka alone can produce K4 to K9 million from its coffee.
“We have over 14 plantations that are 4000 hectares and above, we are going to bring back all plantations throughout the province.”
Vice-President of Student Affairs Ted Alau said that the governor had brought a lot more change into the province.
Tongamp also said that Jiwaka was topping other highlands provinces with its roads.
“Jiwaka has really topped the highlands region; we have over 57km of fully sealed roads.”
Tongamp also committed some money to help the Jiwaka students further their development as an association at Divine Word University.

  • Anton Selve is a journalism student at Divne Word University

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