Don’t give up Hunters


THE SP PNG Hunters should not feel down because of their their performance.
The results must motivate the team to perform and find play-making combinations.
When this is settled, the results will reflect the refinements.
The team lacks game organisers in organising players to stand deep in attack and stand behind the referee in defence.
In Saturday’s match, the Hunters played well standing deep – something to discuss and rectify by the coach.
The coach needs to select three or five players to talk and guide the players around the field to stand deep, organise game plans and steer the team throughout the game.
They will be the coach’s agents on the field.
Papua New Guineans have the tendency to forget (the loss and poor performances) and this will greatly help the coach and the team.
The halves are not talking.
They are silent, we need to break the silence and talk and steer the team. The boys need to adopt a “touch footy” playing style so all players must play as a team as it is not a one-man game.
Please see the Penrith Panthers’ playing style, standing deep and flowing the ball from one end to the other.
The team needs to concentrate and stay focused.

Tobie Torie