Don’t reserve seat for women


THERE should not be any special seats created for our women folks in Parliament.
The idea of creating 22 special seats for women in 2022 national election should be abandoned right away.
Our political structure and system allows for three types of government – national, provincial and local level governments (LLG).
If we create 22 seats for women in parliament, the government should do the same for the provincial and LLGs.
Men and women must run for public office in the same transparent manner.
Every citizen who wants to be a political leader should contest fairy in the national election and let the voters decide.
PNG is an independent country and our cultural values should be respected and maintained.
The national parliament is called the ‘hausman’ whereby men meet to discuss important matters. Not women.
The prime minister and his government should not push for 22 special seats for women until a referendum is held to hear what the people say on the issue.
Concentrate on promoting growth and investment policies for PNG.
Elected leaders are being voted by both men and women to represent them in parliament so why special seats?
I invite Papua New Guineans to join the debate on this very important subject without fear or favour because PNG is you and me.

Samson C Napo, Via email


  • Government represents the people. People comes from families and families are comprised of a father, a mother and children. A father (Man) represent a the wife and children, so when he discusses development, he discuss these for his family (wife and children). There is no such thing as man!
    Leader is chosen from amongst those that possess leadership traits. Elections are run to democratically allow for every person that possesses those traits to be given opportunities to represent any defined groups regardless of sex, race, age or religion.
    PNG have history of women leaders elected to Parliament, Ministers, Presidents, Councillors, etc. We have women in every specialised disciplines that men once filled because of their capabilities and abilities. Lets not undermine our women by giving free seats to them. Let them all (both men and women) contest amongst them all so that the best gets elected to represent the families including cripples, sicks, healthy and every creatures of this country.

  • woman are of no status on earth because of the fall in heaven.Woman suppose not be become a leader of any activities.Satan use woman nicely to take people to hell.Read bible woman are helpers not decisions makers.If you one of the leader want to make woman a leader you are of no significant to the world as you are a gay.Woman always sleep below and do activities which is always below for a purpose as the nature and creator understands,

    • Bobby, you are correct by far. even if they come into Parliament, they don,t last. they all divorced their husband. you can see that from last election record.

  • Yes, bro, I agree with your comments because it’s against the bible. PNG is a Christian country we don’t have to give the seat to a woman to make any decision.
    However, through my observation, I have seen some so-called pastor Mary are taking up space to preach the word of God which is totally wrong.

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